It’s a start…

This blog is dedicated to exploring the proposition that:

What the Bahá'ís do believe is that we have three aspects to our humanness, so to speak, a body, a mind and an immortal identity – soul or spirit. We believe the mind forms a link between the soul and the body, and the two interact with each other. [Shoghi Effendi, Arohanui, p. 89]

I like this statement by 'Abdu'l-Bahá (from Some Answered Questions, pp. 208-09):

Spirit is the lamp; mind is the light which shines from the lamp. Spirit is the tree, and the [tag]mind[/tag] is the fruit. Mind is the perfection of the spirit and is its essential quality, as the sun's rays are the essential necessity of the sun.

There's much to be explored about our humanness. I hope readers will join in the exploration.

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