The soul – a sign of God

There is a really nice statement in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh about the soul:

The human soul is, in its essence, one of the signs of God, a mystery among His mysteries. It is one of the mighty signs of the Almighty, the harbinger that proclaimeth the reality of all the worlds of God. Within it lieth concealed that which the world is now utterly incapable of apprehending.

I’ve tried to visualise this mystery of the soul.

The mystery within
The picture should really be of a donut, since the mystery within each of us and the mystery beyond are, in reality, one and the same.

Between these two mysteries we make meaning. The making of meaning is the quintessential human activity, in some respects definitive of being human. However, making meaning is not our purpose in life, any more than eating is our purpose in life, even though we have to eat and to make meaning to stay alive. Our highest purpose and the supreme meaning of our lives is to come to know and love God.

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One comment

  1. For me encounters with Mystery, with the Whole = mystical experience. Such experiences range from the blink of an eye to the kind that Eckhart Tolle had which demolished his old, sick personality completely and required a decade or two to process!

    Isn’t making meaning in a sacred context coming to know and love God?

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